Why Cycling on a Cycle could be a Good way to Save Money

The physical activity of cycling brings many benefits to the cyclist. Running a cycle in contrast to a car or using public transport, will save you money.  But did you also know cycling can create many health benefits that will also save you money? With the ever increasing costs of petrol and diesel as a fuel source, the time has come to consider how you can subsidise this expense by using the car as little as possible.

Cycles require very little mechanical maintenance. Apart from the odd flat tyre, oiling the chain and gears, and ensuring the tightening of all nuts, cycling requires very little additional experience. Starting off cycling you will need to invest in a decent protective helmet and a high-visibility vest, a decent lock, and lights for cycling in the dark. Yet per annum, these costs are negligible. Running a car on the other hand is expensive, requiring fuel, taxes, servicing, annual MOT (Ministry of Transport tests), plus repairs.

Using your cycle will help reduce your family’s expenses, as you can reduce the use of your car and allocate these savings to your family budget. Often many places do not require you to drive. A distance of 10 miles (16km) will take less than an hour on a cycle. This depends on your level of fitness and the terrain, but the more you cycle the more your stamina increases. Existing and newly discovered short-cuts can help speed up your journey too.

As you cycle you will become fitter, which can further save you money as you will require less health treatments and your increased longevity will help your aspirations. With the addition of a carry-box on the front or a small trailer attached behind the bike, a cycle offers an excellent way to shop and avoid parking costs at local car-parks. Saving money on parking fees will add up to a significant amount over the year.

When cycling you produce no carbon-emissions which will help the environment. By helping reduce these emissions, environmental taxes will become considerable less. Cycling negates congestion charge areas in cities too. Travelling in the city on a cycle will enable faster transportation than using a car for instance.

Cycling will enable the family to travel to many places within nature. This results in strengthening the family social unity and saving money on associated travel costs. By not using public transport you will also be able to make a saving here too.

Saving money through cycling seems like an easy achievement. The insignificant maintenance costs spread over a year, creates a financial incentive to begin cycling. Health benefits for cyclists help further in saving money, with cyclists suffering less sickness and better overall health. Savings continue with the family enjoying nature and feeling stronger health too.  Cycling offers a great way to explore aspects of the countryside and nature, improving mental health.  Cheaper than public transport, cycling will help ensure the environment remains free from pollution. Every-time you get on your bike, you will in effect save money for both you, and your family.