Why do People Choose to do their Grocery Shopping Online

While there has been an increase in people shopping for gifts, special eBay auction items, hard to find items and books via the Internet, you might be wondering why people would choose to do their grocery shopping online. Most people prefer the weekly trip to the grocery store to take advantage of savings, coupons and more. However, there are a couple of reason that people may choose to do their grocery shopping online.

Lack of transportation – Not everyone drives and for people who do not drive, grocery shopping online could be the only method they have to ensure that they get groceries regularly.  Logging in to services like PeaPod may be a necessity for them.  For those who either have no reliable transportation, grocery shopping online can be a big help.

Special Needs – Some people have physical challenges which could prevent them from being able to shop at the grocery store.  People with visual impairment, those in wheelchairs or those who are recovering from a physical injury may not be able to maneuver through a grocery store on their own.  This might be one reason why a person would choose to do their grocery shopping online.

Small children – Some moms and dads decide that it would be much easier to not have to drag their children to the grocery store. These parents have simply decided that doing their grocery shopping online is far less aggravating than trying to keep track of their children in a large grocery store.

Savings – In spite of the fact that online grocery shopping will result in a delivery charge, some people do their grocery shopping online to save money.  Those who are prone to impulse buying may find that by doing their grocery shopping online that they curb impulse buying a great deal. For many, shopping online once a month means they are less likely to fall prey to sales on items they would not normally purchase.  In addition, you don’t have to worry about gas to get to the store, you can take advantage of online specials and you can still use coupons and your grocery store reward card if the service accepts them.

Time – Everyone has a different schedule. In many cases, the benefit of grocery shopping online is that it saves time. Stop and consider the two-working parent family. Time that they could spend with their children is curbed by having to run errands. While a trip to the grocery store can easily take up to two hours between driving to the store, shopping, checking out and driving home grocery shopping online usually takes far less time.


There are only a few points that can help address the question of why people choose to do grocery shopping online. Everyone has different reasons for doing their grocery shopping online.  If you are not doing your grocery shopping online you may want to consider some of the benefits of doing so.