Why do Women Spend so much Money on Clothes

Since the first clothing retailer opened its doors, women have been walking through them to ponder the goods they have to offer. In fact, even before this, fabric salesmen made a very lucrative living peddling their wares to the women about the towns that they went through. Their male counterparts seem to have far less interest in the items available and often it is even left up to the wives of men to purchase their clothing, as well. Why do women have such a fascination with clothing and a love for buying it? There are several reasons for this.

First, women take great pride in their appearance. They want to look and feel beautiful. The media is constantly promoting this very idea, that women are to be the beautiful ones of the world, while men only need to be providers and strong. Women see mannequins in the store windows who are perfectly proportioned wearing clothes that promise to compliment them in every way. If only she buys that particular outfit, she too will appear to have the perfect figure and will look immaculately put together, no matter what life brings her way. The well-dressed woman is the confident woman.

Women are also drawn to the clothing retailer in the hope that she will walk out with clothing that will draw the men of the world to her. Or, if she is in a relationship currently, will keep the interest of the man in her life. Men are very visual and are attracted to women that they find visually appealing. Women know this and they respond by making sure that they are dressed in ways that bring out their best features and successfully hide the ones that they believe are their worst. It doesn’t matter the cost, women want to look satisfying to their men.

For many women, shopping in any form, but especially for clothing, is a form of therapy and stress relief. As they put on the new outfit and put away the old, it is like they are shedding the problems of the past and entering a new day. The new day is free of wrinkles or stains and is in perfect condition, just waiting to be captured and lived to the fullest. It may not make sense to the men of the world, but that is a priceless gift to the women, who bear much of the strain of life.