Why do you need a will

Many people seem to think that by making a will they are making a date with death, and that only old folks need make a will. Seemingly healthy men and women are collapsing and dying in their 30’s and 40’s. This is the reality. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Provision must be made for the care of young children should you die.This was seen first hand in my island where a three month old baby left over night in the care of a grandmother was orphaned. Her parents’ apartment disappeared when the land on which it was built caved in and fell into a subterranean cavern killing both parents and her three siblings.Who has the responsibility now of raising this child?

It is the logical thing to do if you have disposable assets, and would like to see them distributed according to your wishes. No one, I think would want the state to act as their executor, or have children squabbling over your possessions before your body is cold.Once you make a will,it can be amended as you pass the different phases in life. For example,after you have seen your own children through college and university and well established, you might want to change your will in favor of your grands.

Some folks to their regret have distributed their possessions by deed of gift. This is something that should be done only after serious contemplation. A deed of gift is irreversible, and should you have unscrupulous children and you live to be very old, you might have cause to regret it.

You might be saying I have nothing to leave in a will, consider these:
3.Life Insurance policies
4.Pension plans
5.Personal savings
Surely, you don’t want these things you have sacrificed and worked so hard for falling into the wrong hands. So make the decision today, contact an attorney who specializes in trust and wills. You will rest easier knowing your affairs are in order. Your beneficiaries will thank you as well. Believe me, you don’t want to have any one harassing you about possessions when you are grieving your mom or dad.

Please see to it TODAY for your own peace of mind and that of those who you will leave behind.