Why few People are Arrested for Filing False Child Abuse Reports

Why few people are arrested for filing false child abuse reports! Most child abuse reports are made to CPS. CPS stands for child protective services. CPS is responsible for investigating all reports of child abuse and child neglect. Filing false child abuse reports should be illegal and if proven people should be charged! The truth is it is almost impossible to prove. Anyone can report child abuse and all people who report child abuse stay anonymous. This makes it hard to prove who filled the false report. It is also hard to prove the child abuse report was purposely reported to be malicious. You would have to be able to prove that the person intentionally reported a false child abuse report with the knowledge that the information they were giving was false. All of this is hard to prove. You have to have rock solid evidence of who made the false report and that they did it to purposely knowing they were reporting child abuse falsely otherwise these charges would get thrown out.

Most people who have people charged for filing a false child abuse report against them usually have to hire an attorney to represent them in court. Most people don’t have the money or the means to do this. This makes it even harder to win a case like this.

Also the law treads very lightly when in comes to reporting child abuse. A lot of times they don’t want to get involved in such cases because of the precedence it sets. The law does not want people to be afraid of coming forward of concerns of child abuse because they care concern of getting in trouble. The laws mainly protect them not the ones being reported on in hopes more people will come forward with information that they might have on child abuse. This is why few people are arrested for filing false child abuse reports.

The down and dirty is that false child abuse reports are very hard to prove. Not to mention almost all people reported on believe they were reported on falsely. It is hard to prove who made the false report and it is harder to prove the report was false. You have to be able to prove who ever made it, mad it maliciously directed at you. The laws mainly protect the person doing the reporting. False reports are going to continue to happen and people will continue to abuse the system. It is best to prepared for CPS to come to your door no matter what for situations like these because they can happen. Talk to your family a head of time about CPS and have a plan! This way you and your family can play it safe!