Why Good Loan Officers are Important

It is important to located honest, dependable and knowledgeable loan officers when making significant purchases. It can save you heartache, headaches and hassle by researching in advance. Even a basic search on Google for “reviews or complaints” can quickly show you whether that loan officer or loan institution is reputable. Obtaining recommendations from friends and financial resources like Dave Ramsey.com can also lead you in the right direction.

A knowledgeable and honest loan officer can provide you with information that can help streamline the process of purchasing a home or car. Credit scores, debt evaluations and the proper paperwork to submit are just some of the information a consumer needs to assemble and research before submitting a loan application. A good loan officer will also explain the loan terminology in layman terms regarding the differences in loan lengths (15,20 and 30 yr loans), fixed vs. Variable interest rates, points, and if there are tax credits that you can take advantage of when purchasing a home or car.

If you purchasing a home or car for the first time you will want to check out articles on how to avoid mistakes, how to plan and why getting pre-approved before looking is to your advantage.  Investing time into your research will assist you in asking the right questions during the loan and purchase process. The loan officer should be able to provide you with websites and resources that can assist you throughout the process, and possibly offer personal references from former clients.

Churchill mortgage is a company that has been reviewed and recommended nationally by Dave Ramsey and previous customers. The loan officers walk you through the information you need to get started, discuss your current situation, options for financing and long term goals. A good loan officer will not want to push you into a decision that isn’t’ healthy for you just to make commission. They will want to develop a relationship that is long lasting so you will return for future purchases or recommend their services to friends and family.

You can always check out the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been complaints issued against them in the past. The report given by the BBB provides a profile, years of activity, email addresses, and government actions. This is an important step in researching a lending institution.  Once you feel comfortable with the institution ask for references regarding the loan officer. References from former clients will help you analyze whether this is the best fit for you as you commit yourself to the loan process and through the finalization of the purchase.