Why Health Insurance is Important

Health Insurance is an essential part of our lives in the United States. Without it, you might running the risk of being financially wiped out by a serious illness or accident. It is true, consider the variety of hospital fees, ambulance, and other miscellaneous fees that involve if you were injured in a car accident unintentionally. According to recent statistics record, there was 47 million Americans without health insurance or other health – related insurances. There were also 11.4 million people who has chronic illness and without the help of health insurance. Reading this number, it is astonished enough to know that many, and many to million of Americans didn’t even consider the danger of being ill or being injured unexpectedly; financially, this is a biggest risk to take if you are not insured. Hospital, medications, and equipment cost is the worst part of not being insured.

Usually, your employer will offer a list of insurances if you interest in purchase them. It will be less expensive if you purchase them from your employers than you’re buying them on your own. The benefit of purchasing a health insurance can protect your from the risks of running into a certain number of bills for health care. Health insurance can pay for the services that you use often, such as annual check – up; pre -screening; health consultation and medications. With the offering of health insurance from your employers, you can have your family member insured too, such your dependents, husband or wife. The amount you would pay will be on average premium. In addition, you do not pay income tax on health insurance benefits so it is more valuable per dollar than the same amount in taxable pay. And health insurance companies generally pay lower price to doctors and hospitals than you would pay on your own.

There are disadvantages if people without health insurance. People who are insured pay up four times as much as to medical services than people who are insured. Uninsured people may not be able to access medical services such as preventive and screening services; many types of illness or conditions, including testing of high blood pressure or cholesterol. It is especially for pregnant women, without it, they use fewer prenatal services,less likely to have regular source of care, and to receive all recommended treatment. Moreover, without the benefits of paid health insurance, you may find the cost of medical care too high to afford; and you have to worry about the financial payment if you got sick.

There are several ways to purchase your health insurance. As I mentioned above, you can purchase it through your current employers. This is usually the best offer, because it is cheaper, and you can opt to insured your denpendents, such as your children. You can also purchase one on your own, if you are self – employed, you can shop around the web or get more health information from sources. The last option is medicaid for low – income family or individuals. Medicaid is provided by government agency; you should meet certain requirements before you can get one. Each state has its own guidelines regarding to medicaid, you can refer to state government agency for more information. Medicaid covers most health care services, including hospitals and nursing home care, lab tests, medical equipments, prescription drugs, and some dental care too.

There were still millions to millions of American still uninsured today. There are might be reasons for them not buying health insurance, either financially, or employment status. Without health insurance, people might not be able to get full access to the health care they need.