Why Investing in Art Makes Good Sense

Art is an expression of life on a different plane. Combining intellectual,creative, emotional and aesthetic senses, art is really worthy option to engage one’s time,effort and money in itself.

Why investing in art is a good option – Let’s look at it, without any monetory aspect.
A beautiful piece of art, appeals to you and keeps your mind away from the routine thoughts that keep bothering you everyday. If you’re wealthy, it is, and has been always, a symbol of status display. It can make a difference not just to a room where it is placed, but to the image of the person who owns it. As somebody said, the artist dips the brush in his soul and paints the canvas with his feelings and that makes art much more valuable.

Now let’s look at the monetary aspect –

If I were a millionaire, and a painting appeals to me, I would not care how much it costs me, as long as I’m truly happy with it. But If I’m consciously pursuing the collection of art as an investment option, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, identifying the talent –
Imagine, you happen to own the first work of Leonardo Da Vinci – and how much more valuable can it turn out to be, specially after his later works like the Mona Lisa have become so famous? If you can get hold of the right talent, when it is still budding, the returns will be more. Take the instance of the junior artists’ art at greenwichworkshop, or the ‘Google’ shares, for that matter ! Secondly – there will always be takers for good pieces of art, but you got to find them, or help them find you. Which means investing in art need not be collecting art, but even facilitating art and spotting talent is another way of doing it.

Now, the key to success here is to grab the right piece at the right time and spot the right taker. Which means, you should have the creative sense of understanding and appreciating the art, on par with or even better than the takers of art. And then, you can hit it big.

While the standard and noted works always have a value of their own, the works of newer artists like June Carey always come with some freshness and authenticity, which makes them valuable. And if the quality is consistent enough, the demand grows at a very fast pace.

All in all, investing in art, be it time or money, is a good option.