Why Investing in Art Makes Good Sense

Investing in art is in a category in itself, because art is beauty in the eye of the beholder. One must be thoroughly captivated by the splendor enough to purchase the piece and then proudly display it for all to enjoy. However, at the same time, one must be able to let it go, in order to maximize one’s investment, since investing in art does make good sense and it can pay off handsomely.

Take for example America’s premier marine life artist, Wyland. It is common knowledge in the art world that Wyland is renowned all over the world as the “artist of the sea”. USA Today called him a “Marine Michelangelo.” He has been honored for his devotion to marine life issues, art, and conservation. Wyland’s ocean murals are now on the sides of nearly ninety buildings across four continents. His goal is to be on the sides of one hundred buildings!

Thus, in 1992, Wyland earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records after completing “Planet Ocean”, the largest mural in history. In 1998, the United Nations recognized Wyland’s environmental effects by naming him the “Official artist for the International Year of The Ocean”, and issued his original oil painting “Embraced by the Sea” as a commemorative stamp.This man truly is a distinguished and wonderfully accomplished artist and I have been fortunate enough to meet him in person. I also am the proud owner of one of his pieces.

Subsequently, in 2004, I met Wyland at an art auction. At this auction, I had the opportunity to purchase an original brush art Dolphin Front’ painting. This painting is signed and dated by Wyland himself. This particular style of painting combines the simplicity and power of the Japanese Sumi techniques with Wyland’s individual style. I purchased the piece for $2,300.00 dollars at the time, and today the current price is over $3,700.00 dollars! I anticipate the value to increase even more as time goes by.

Furthermore, the beauty of the painting is absolutely stunning. The bold, yet plain black lines reveal the exquisiteness of the Dolphin in all its gracefulness. Before my very eyes, Wylan captured the utter magnificence of the animal and I knew I must have that masterpiece. I then made my bid and won it!

So at this moment, the Dolphin Front is proudly displayed in my modest home and my friends marvel at its beauty. It really is a conversational piece, as well as something to actually enjoy. Likewise, I too derive pleasure from owning the piece, yet in the back of my mind I contemplate its value. I have enjoyed owning a piece of art, made by America’s foremost, premier marine life artist. It is true, investing in art does make good sense and it can pay off substantially; nevertheless, for me it’s only a matter of learning to let go of something so lovely, in order to monetarily benefit from my original investment.