Why is Health Insurance so Expensive

the costs of health insurance are nothing to sneeze at. No one understands, why they have to be so high. All they do, is put a huge dent in the budget and keep on rising. Many can not afford it. Some decide to go without. Eventually, that can come back to bite them. Is health insurance worth the cost? How about the risk?

At some point in life, medical care may be needed. A doctor’s visit would be the least of all actions, to get back on the path to health. Without health insurance, that already costs a pretty penny. Even that might be too much for several people, and so they wait. Until the damage is done and intensive health care is a must. They finally get insurance and become a huge burden on the insurance company’s budget, increasing the costs.

The majority of those who do have health insurance, use it irresponsibly. You can find them in the ER, hospital, or General Practitioner’s office at the drop of a hat. They are covered. Their bills will be paid, so no problem there. Not true. They are totally unaware, that they are driving up the insurance for everyone else. Themselves included.

Medical care by itself, has become more expensive as well. The constant research and science have resulted in a longer lifespan. Many diseases can be treated nowadays and new medications are being introduced on the pharmaceutical market almost on a daily basis. Those cures are another expense for the insurance company.

New medical equipment and therapies are being designed, refined and tweaked over the years. Due to all the research and inventions, new treatment options have and still are becoming available. Those options make it possible, to extend people’s lives. Again, this all comes out of the budget of the health insurance provider.

Adding up all these expenses, one may come to a better understanding of why the costs of health insurance are so exorbitant. The life expectancy keeps increasing and that will come with a price tag attached to it. We all like to live a long, happy and healthy life. There is a price to pay though.

Is there another way to cut the costs? Sure. Cutting the health care is an option. That could result in a much higher price: your life. That is not worth the risk. With a little responsibility on everyone’s part, health insurance could be affordable. It definitely is worth the cost.