Why new Lifestyles don’t need new Purchases

Often when developing a new hobby, and adopting a change to your lifestyle, your initial concerns should focus on developing your skills first. The initial reaction is to rush out and purchase paraphernalia and additional items that you may think are necessary to pursue your lifestyle change. Yet a minimalist philosophy remains important. This way of thinking can save you both time and money as you discover it isn’t necessary to spend a vast amount of money.

Many lifestyles promote their business through advertising and leading the follower to assume they need to purchase many items to become part of the group. However this isn’t a fundamental truth. A lifestyle change gains momentum as you begin to learn more. An example would be astronomy. Many people rush out and spend lots of money on new telescopes unnecessarily. Telescopes are hard to use and require good experience of the night-sky.

A more practical approach, would that you should continue to use an old pair of binoculars, and learn the constellations over a few years. While you continue to learn, you can resume saving for a new scope. By then you will have an understanding of what you should purchase and the benefits of the scope you will later choose. You will have extensive knowledge of many stars, and therefore be able to find additional targets for observation much easier. If you find you dislike the new lifestyle and you drop it from your life, you’ll have wasted no additional money.

It’s far better to acquire knowledge about your lifestyle before trying to look the part with additional items that are superfluous.

A simple example would be running. A basic pair of old trainers, jogging bottoms or shorts, and a t-shirt, form the basic essentials needed to start this healthy lifestyle Having the latest equipment does not make you a better runner, albeit perhaps a more stylish one, but certainly not more proficient. Similarly fishing seems to offer the enthusiast many items to purchase, yet often the most simplistic methods yield more success.

If you do spend your time investing in additional expensive equipment and you give up the lifestyle, it will eventually find its way to the attic or garage to collect dust. This shows someone only interested in pursuing a lifestyle for the perceived status it offers. Time’s also wasted as they have to get rid of the equipment or sell it off again trying to recuperate the initial cost.

Firstly you should develop your skills and knowledge without purchasing. After a period of time you will become better informed about what to purchase to enhance your lifestyle. The experience you have gained will feed the hunger to progress in your chosen interest.