Why should Unmarried Fathers be Forced to Pay Child Support while having no Legal Rights to the Chil

For a couple of decades now more children have been born out of wedlock than at any other time in history. Often times the women are left to fend for themselves while their men leave and move on to other adventures. It’s easier for men to wander away from the responsibility of parenthood than it is for the mother. Many moms get stuck having to raise a child alone while the father continues to act like a juvenile and dismiss both mom and the child.

When a mother and father, whether married not, stay together and raise the child together their baby benefits in a number of ways. Firstly, the child will receive the love and attention it needs from both parents and there is no such thing as too much love. It matters not if it is a girl or a boy, both sexes benefit from having a father in the picture.

Although many people don’t like to talk about it, money is also very important to the proper growth and development of a child. While it’s a nice thought, you really can’t live on love. When a father is in the house the child benefits because of the cash daddy makes. It ensures that the baby has enough food and clothing and is safe and taken care of properly.

When the father is not in the home it often means the mother has to struggle much more to take proper care of her little one. This is where the courts have the father pay child support. Child support payments are there to help the mother take care of the child. It is to help cover the cost of food, clothing, and electricity, part of the rent on an apartment so that the child has a place to live.

There are circumstances where the father has no legal rights to his child. Regardless of the reasons he just isn’t allowed to see his kid. So what then of child support? Should he still be responsible for paying that if he doesn’t see the child?

Of course he should. Child support is not a payment to see the kid. While many people believe that one is tied to the other the fact is they are an entirely different matter. One has no relation to the other whatsoever. It’s not as though the child support payments allow him to “rent” his kid for a period of time.

When a man fathers a child that kid is his responsibility. Should the responsibility for helping the child financially fall into the hands of the taxpayer? Only if society had a hand in the conception of that baby and that would be doubtful.

If through throwing around his sperm a man creates a child, then that child is his responsibility for the next 18 years regardless whether he see the kid or not.