Why so many People in the USA Lack Medical Coverage

45 million American Citizens have no health insurance coverage. That number represents 20% of the population and is an indictment of a corrupt, uncaring, self-centered Congress and two presidents – Clinton and Bush 43 – who were and are more busy with covering their own asses against a variety of impeachable offenses and gross incompetence, than in the welfare of the public.

America is the ONLY industrialized nation with no system of universal healthcare. And a recent study demonstrated that for even the most affluent of Americans, the health care they get is only mediocre. Better quality healthcare is provided FREE OF CHARGE to the citizens of Communists Cuba, than what is offered to Americans at exorbitant prices.

As healthcare costs began to spiral in the 1990’s, with the advent of HMO’s and the turning of medicine from a compassionate, noble profession into another Walmart, with profit being the sole consideration, the federal government failed in an initial attempt to reach a political compromise that would have provided national healthcare. So our elected officials walked away from the problem and never revisited the issue. As a result, this disgraceful situation has continued right to the present time.

But don’t worry about our political leaders – they all have cradle-to-grave medical, hospitalization, dental and prescription medicine coverage provided for them WITH NO DEDUCTIBLES courtesy of the taxpayers. And about 1/4 of these taxpayers who are footing the medicals bill for the upper echelon of federal officials, themselves have no health coverage and/or cannot afford to see a physician, dentist or pay for a necessary prescription.

But the underlying villain here is the dumb American voter. This species of fool knows how elitist, dishonest or disinterested their elected officials are, but still continues to return them to office (the incumbency retention rate in the federal system is about 98%). If you want to see this situation rectified, vote against the scum who are currently in office. It is only when they are yanked off the public tit, that their replacements sit up, take notice and are reminded that they are there to serve, not to be served.

And oh yes, if we were not still bogged down in Iraq because of Bush Administration incompetence in the prosecution of the war, or if we were still not supporting a government in Afghanistan that believes in KILLING PEOPLE who want to leave Islam and subscribe to another religion, the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been and will be wasted in those places, could have been used not only to pay for universal healthcare, but also for chauffeured limousines to take each and every one of us for our healthcare appointments.

Caveat emptor.