Why so many People in the USA Lack Medical Coverage

Medical cost is out of control and the people we have empowered to control and govern this giant, has demonstrated their unwillingness to do anything that would stop the abuse that is taking a toll on the health of Americans. The health care system here in Canada may seem free but it it costing Canadians a lot more than you realize. This does not mean that the concept of free health care is a bad idea, but we should be learning something towards improving this idea. Yet, we see long waits for service, that is crucial for our survival, and nothing but band-aids being doled out to fix a wound that requires stitches. This may not be taking place literally but it is happening politically.
Government must be more responsible to its citizens and medical professional and their legal beagles must stop playing games with people’s lives. If there are measures in place to ensure people that doctors are qualified to do what they do and if their is a question as to some procedure that caused someones death then, a test of some sort should be administered to determine if the doctor slipped-up or intentionally did something that contributed to the person’s injury or death.

Some how we must eliminate the number of law suits and reduce the insurance cost for practicing in America. We should all understand that doctors always do their absolute best to cure what ever woes us, otherwise they would not be in the profession that they are in. Saying that, there are times when accidents will arise in a hospital, just as surely as they do on our highways and in our homes. In this case we must accept the outcome of someone trying to do something to make us better.

Health Care can be free for everyone, yet the people that we have employed to address this issue has refused to come up with any ideas to take it in that direction. Most hospitals can be operated on donations and gifts, yet we lack the imagination and will to take them in that direction.
This is no laughing matter, because it is a deplorable problem for a wealthy country to have. Are you going to continue to take until you can’t take anymore from this land before we wake-up to the reality of our problem? Our future population deserves better than what we are leaving them and I ashamed to be apart of this society that has become so greedy and selfish towards its own. Too many of you have too much and you are sitting on your fortune like you are going to take it to your grave, but you are not, so you May as well put towards something that can help out your fellow human, like health care.