Why Society needs Restrictions on Guns

Guns are weapons that can destroy lives yet they also come in handy for self- defense. The balance must be struck between the use of guns for the right causes such as self-defense and when used to end lives for selfish reasons like robbery or murders. Society has to come up with tough rules on who is permitted to own a gun, and this should be accompanied by accountability systems implemented that can track the use of the gun. There are several reasons as to why society needs restrictions on guns and these include;

*Reduction on Crime – Many criminals take advantage of the gun laws in place which permit individuals to purchase guns from authorized stores. This creates a problem because if an individual with criminal intentions can walk into a gun store and buy a gun, then this is a threat to society. Crime will increase and there will be lawlessness within society. If there are strict conditions to own a gun, then it will help with reducing crime carried out with the help of guns.

*Gangs will be disarmed – Many gangsters like to own guns and use them when they are participating in any gang-related crime. If the number of guns in circulation is reduced, then there will be a decrease in gangster activities that are a danger to society at large. Gang members will be unable to carry out any gun-related crimes and society will be rid of such gangs with time.

*Reduction in Shootings – There has been so many shootings in schools, public places and many other shootings like the Arizona case which has made many Americans lose their lives. If the gun ownership is restricted, then it will be hard for such mass shootings to occur again and this will save many lives.

*Safety – When there are strict rules on who owns a gun, then the people within society will at least stop feeling insecure and will be safeguarded from gun-related crime. If society has less guns owned, then this will give the members some sense of relief and security concerning gun-related crime.

*Sanity will return – When guns are not easily accessible then there will be some level of sanity within society. In many cases an individual can get angered and use their gun to take revenge, which turns out to be fatal and in many cases lives are lost. Minus guns in society such people who have anger management will not be able to harm others when they are angered.