Why Struggling with Debt can Leave you in Despair

Debt and despair often go together, because when you’re in debt you have lots of bills to pay and not enough money to pay them. You need money to buy the essentials in life; to put a roof over your head and to be able to feed yourself, whilst it is also nice to be able to buy a few luxury items, as well. When you’re in debt and paying it off is your priority, you can’t afford to splash out on gifts for other people and treats for yourself, as you have to learn to stay within your means. Sometimes, it can feel as though you’re never going to rid yourself of debt and this is when you usually experience a sense of despair.

It is even worse when you have a family to support, as your partner and children suffer the effects of debt, as well as you. It may be you who ran up all the debts that you’re faced with, but it is your partner who has to start shopping at budget stores and buying fewer clothes, whilst it is your children who are going to miss out on holidays and toys at Christmas. Your family is not only affected by having less money to go around, though, as your behaviour will also have an impact on them. When you’re stressed out about debt, the chances are you’re going to take out your frustration on those closest to you.

Thus, when you’re in debt you can find yourself getting into unnecessary arguments with your partner over bills and where your money is going every month and this tension is going to affect your relationship. If your children pick up on this tension, which they’re highly likely to, they may spend most of their time worrying that you may be about to get a divorce. Plus, the relationship with your children could deteriorate if your children prefer not to spend their time with you because you have a habit of snapping at them due to your constant anxiety.

All of this negativity can build up to despair. You can’t spend the money you make in the way you’d like, because all of it goes towards paying off your debt and covering the essentials in life and in your desperation to clear your debt you pick fights with your partner. Your home life can become intolerable when you’re always bickering with your partner over money and this has a knock-on effect on your children. Your whole life is therefore affected by debt and despair can get the better of you due to the pressure you’re under to meet your financial commitments.