Why the War on Drugs Fails the War on Drugs is an Ad not a Policy

The war on drugs profits some, but it can be argued, that by having to live in denial of their dubious good, even those who profit suffer. 

The title of this topic, however, likely was not referring to such denial. Still, there are other ways in which the war on drugs hurts everyone. It could also be argued that high taxes and the costs of insurance, the social costs of crime rewarded by the war on drugs, and the obvious costs of gunshot wounds in turf wars, unsafe streets and ineffectively regulated laws, all assign higher costs to everyone.

It must also be kept in mind that the criminal justice system has become a major industry for profit and that will forever create a disconnect as to what actual reform means. Safe and helpful drugs such as pain-killing cannabis are demonized, while some legal drugs, such as alcohol and pain-killers are sold and  regulated, (much like fox guarding the hen house), by profiteers of those industries.

The latest scandal, called Fast and furious is convoluted and hard to follow.  Yet this is precisely why it is easy to see that any time the government is given free reign to try to control dangerous, Mexican (or any nationality) of drug and thug-lords, it is bound to cost everyone.

Those families with personal experience in both sides of causalities taken in the war on drugs can attest that the war on drugs is at best a catchy talking point, and at worst a failed system.

Almost everyone in the U.S.A is now dependent upon some form of drugs. Caffeine, alcohol, street drugs and Big Pharmaceutical drugs are rampant, even in our elementary schools. Looking for the pop a pill cure is always seductive, considering the real answer, returning to the values of belonging, community and nature are so unavailable these days. There is so much conflict, violence and loss in the world that it is little wonder almost everyone wants to “medicate” this human condition.

Following the money, looking at how drug companies, insurance companies and any industry that profits from the war on drugs, makes it easy to follow just why wars as metaphor for control, will usually fail.

Finally, the greatest reason why the war on drugs fails society it that it is just a big distraction. For the real problems of the world, the hatred, wars,  dwindling resources, pollution and dying species, everyone clearly wants to project blame. It is only when all of society can look more at solutions than blame that drug addiction, drug dealing, drug enforcement policies and even drug companies can be addressed with reason and sense.