Why Travel Insurance is a Good Idea

When I took my vacation the Disney Cruise line in September 1999 with my three children, I was glad to know I had travelers insurance when the hurricane came crashing in on the Florida’s coastline.
I discussed the pros and cons with my travel agent prior to purchasing the travelers insurance. At first, I did not want to spend the extra money to cover the cost. The cost was small but I thought I could use the money on other desired expenses.

When I booked my cruise in July, I had no idea what was to come, but when the time came, I was relieved to know that my family and I would be taken care of if there was an unexpected event, illness or family emergency.
Travel insurance is good to have for unexpected emergencies/crisis. If my children or myself were injured or became ill, I would not have had to foot the bill for the extra expenses. The extra expenses could range from flying off the cruise ship to having to purchase an extra ticket to leave back home if an emergency arose.
There are specific stipulations on what is an emergency but, it is definitely worth the small amount you will pay upfront. It is a peace of mind you will have if your vacation were suddenly interrupted.

Our vacation was not interrupted by the hurricane or illness.

We all put ourselves at risk when traveling. You never know what you will encounter when on excursions or swimming in the ocean or just walking on the beach, city or park.

I would never plan a vacation without travel insurance. Knowing you will not have to cover the added cost, which would be quite a bit more, is worth the cost upfront.

The odds of having to use the insurance or your plans being interrupted are low but worth the peace of mind you will have if the occasion occurred.

When booking your travel insurance, be sure to go over certain situations the insurance will cover and what it will not cover. If you are going somewhere that will place you at risk such as Florida during hurricane season, check with your insurance traveler to see if the insurance will cover the expense if you need to leave early, reschedule or fly else where. Will the insurance also cover the cost of extra nights in a hotel if your plane were delayed or weather did not permit you to leave on your scheduled day of departure.

Do your homework because it will save you a headache when dealing with emergency situations. You will have enough to worry about without having to deal with the extra expense you would have had to pay otherwise.