Why you can’t Afford not to have Health Insurance

If you’ve decided to become self employed, recently lost your job, are in between jobs, or are working for an employer who doesn’t offer health insurance, you are not alone. In fact, there are nearly 50 million Americans who do not have health insurance because they feel they cannot afford it.

Can you afford NOT to have health insurance?

CBS news reported recently that a visit to the emergency room in an ambulance can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000. Worse, people who do not have health insurance are charged significantly higher rates than people who do have health insurance.

While paying for health insurance on your own (without the assistance of an employer) is considered quite expensive by most, and for benefits that are likely not as comprehensive as what you would get under an employer’s group health insurance plan- the fact of the matter is- you can’t afford not to pay for health insurance. The monthly fee for your health insurance may seem costly- but wait until the first time you need to see a doctor or go to the hospital without insurance! Often, people without insurance tend to skip going to the doctor for preventative care, so when they are hospitalized, they often require major procedures that are not only financially costly, but take a bigger toll on the health of the individual as well. In some cases, cancer may have been caught before it advanced had patients been seeing a doctor regularly.

With the cost of surgeries ranging in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and regular doctor checkups reaching the $200 mark for uninsured patients- you honestly can’t afford not to find health insurance. Health insurance will pay for things ranging from doctors visits, to surgeries, to therapy such as chelaton.

Check prices online to try to find your best coverage and rates. Visit eHealthInsurance.com for quotes from a variety of companies that offer individual health insurance plans. You’ll also want to look at your own state’s insurance department web site, as you can find companies that sell individual coverage in your own state- including companies that you can’t get with a health broker.

Hiring a health broker is an option though, if you’re not fond of researching the various options yourself. They earn commission from the health care companies, so just be careful they’re not steering you to a more expensive plan simply to boost their own commission rate.