Why you have to Make Money

You have to make money, because it is the only way to keep a roof over your head and to put food on the table. To make money you have to be prepared to work for it, which means either getting a job working for someone else or becoming your own boss. Although many societies do have a welfare system in place to provide assistance for those who are unemployed, there is very little incentive to stay out of work for long. The ‘benefits’ on offer usually do not cover costs and there is very much a stigma attached to being unemployed.

You have to make money to be able to afford the essential goods and services in life that you simply cannot do without. To be able to live somewhere, you have to possess the funds to pay the rent; to be able to eat you need to have the cash to buy groceries; and to be able to travel around you need to have enough money for fuel. If you have no savings and very little income, it becomes a struggle to meet even the most basic of human needs. It can become a miserable existence when you’re living hand-to-mouth and worrying about where you’re going to get money from.

It is extremely easy to get into debt when you have a low income and no savings, because there are certain things you cannot do without and so you may find yourself relying on an overdraft or on your credit cards. Unfortunately, the larger your bills become and the longer you’re in debt for, the more interest you will be paying. Eventually, you may reach a stage where you cannot envisage being able to pay off the mountains of debt you have accrued, thus defaulting on your repayments and being declared bankrupt as a result. Making money is obviously crucial if you are to avoid such a situation arising.

When you have a regular income and money coming in you are able to create a budget, so that you won’t have to worry as much about not being able to meet your financial commitments. When you are making money, it is possible to put some aside for a rainy day – in case something goes wrong and you need the extra cash or so you can treat yourself to a holiday or car in the future. Indeed, making money usually means you are able to afford more than just the very basics in life, as you can spend any extra you earn on luxury items. Thus, if you want to lead a comfortable life, you have to be prepared to work hard for you to earn enough money to enable you to do so.