Why you must Continue Working Past Retirement Age

When you reach retirement age as an employee it is usually recommended that you stop being actively employed. This is mainly due to the fact employers and governments recommend a certain age limit when one should stop working.

This is because it is believed that when one reaches a certain age, the person will start to slow down and may no longer be productive as he/she was before they reached a certain age. However, with the various challenges in life, it is becoming more common for individuals to continue working even after retirement.

The financial status or demands of the individual may demand that you continue to work and earn a living. There are many benefits that you will enjoy to receive when you continue working even after retirement.

Financial stability

One of the reasons as to why you must continue working even after retirement is that you need money to survive and escape debts after retirement. It may not be much money, but it is worth it. You can choose to reduce the hours you work and still enjoy the benefits of earning a living, and reduce the risk of becoming a financial burden to your family.

When you continue to work the opportunities to allow your pension funds and savings to grow for a few more years will help you to accumulate a good amount of money which you can use later in life.

Keeps you healthy

If you want to keep active and healthy then continue working even after retirement, as a way to keep you mentally and physically healthy.
An individual who is gainfully occupied through employment or any other activity is least likely to suffer from depression and boredom especially if the individual liked his/her job.

You develop a” rich” resume

Working beyond retirement age has an added advantage in the sense that your resume and experience are enriched over time which makes you even more competent in your profession.

This will also give you a chance to explore better employment opportunities that may come your way. Employers are always on the lookout to hire people who have a wealth of experience and are competent which makes you a desirable candidate for the job.

You add value to society

Age is nothing but just a number, so long as you are still strong, you should continue working even past retirement age. As an individual you will still be adding value to society by sharing your expertise even in an old age.
In summary, continuing with working even after retirement is a healthy choice for you, and also is a positive contribution towards society.