Why you should Buy Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is not often in the fore front of anyone’s mind. In today’s world, health insurance is the hot topic. When problems arise, though, dental insurance can be just as important. Even when on a tight budget, any employee, single or supporting a family, should buy any dental insurance available. There are three strong reasons to do so. First, dental insurance is usually inexpensive. Second, dental insurance often pays for all or most preventative dental care. Third, when more serious dental problems arise, dental insurance will shoulder the brunt of the cost.

Obviously, the price of health insurance changes from insurer to insurer, and company to company, so there is no way to say for sure what the exact cost will be. However, dental insurance tends to be significantly cheaper than health insurance. A good estimate would be a quarter of the cost of health insurance. It is not unheard of that it can be as little as one tenth of the cost of health insurance.

Dental insurance often focuses on prevention. The idea is, small money spent now, saves on more costly procedures down the road. This is a good practice for anyone anyway, for financial and health reasons. Consequently, dental insurance companies usually pay at least eighty per cent, and sometimes even one-hundred percent of the cost for biannual check-ups, x-rays, and other dental procedures that find issues with the teeth and gums before they become major problems.

No matter how careful we are, the unexpected things in life will arise. When something more significant, such as the dreaded root canal, comes along, dental insurance is a must. Quality dental plans will cover significant portions of these costs. Even very average dental plans will generally pay for half. Considering the cost of a root canal, with all the necessary extras that accompany it cost upwards of two thousand dollars, fifty per cent off or more can be a life saver, and will make up for the cost of the dental insurance quite easily.

Most companies with full time employees offer the big three insurance plans: Health, dental, vision. Health is a must. Vision is only necessary for those who already have, or are expecting eye problems. Dental insurance is the one that people have to make a decision about. The smart decision is to always pay the little extra, and have that safety net. You never know when you might need it.