Why you should go into Direct Debit

Purchasing and conducting transactions could sometimes be a daunting task especially if you do not have ready cash at hand. It’s a real drag if you still have to go to the nearest ATM just to get that cash for your purchase. This is just one of the inconveniences that Direct Debit is seeking to solve in order to give the opportunity to help with the busy lifestyle of people nowadays. The process known as direct debit is basically rooted on the principle of allowing a third party, a direct debit bureau, to debit from the payee’s account. This way the payee does not have to do the physical payment process and just let the third party organisation to do it for them.

Being a new type of payment solution however, there are some questions as to the reliability or basically on the question as to why should they choose direct debit over different ways to pay. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose direct debit.

On-Time Payments  – blame it on human error or some unfortunate circumstances –  the truth of the matter is that your bill will not wait for your payment when it is already past it’s due date, interest would be incurred among other fees. Using Direct Debit, the Direct Debit Bureau will collect funds from your account and pay the biller before the due date and if your account provides for it such payments will never be delayed.

Efficiency and Security Guaranteed – with direct debit you will be able to make sure that the transactions from your account to the biller will be smooth and risk-free. If you decide to utilise direct debit for paying your utilities, you will be able to experience the efficiency of the direct debit service by having your payment collected before the due date and of course subsequently paying for such utility bill. Dealing with money entails a lot of risks this is why security is one of the primary concerns of direct debit bureaus, in order to deliver good service one must have a great security system installed.

Direct Debit Bureaus Provides Complete Solution – should you enter into using direct debit through a direct debit bureau all your needs to transact through direct debits will be taken care of. From initial setup, initial advice up to the actual processing and payment transactions in your account, all of these processes will be shouldered by the direct debit bureau so that you wouldn’t have to do all those tedious processes.

Brings Peace of Mind – with the different layers of security as well as an independent auditing body that oversees the standards and rules being implemented by direct debit bureaus you can be assured that your transactions will go smoothly through direct debits.

Here are only some of the different reasons why you should switch to direct debit as your payment solution, of course you should also do not discount the fact that these conditions or benefits are only expected to be implemented by reliable direct debit bureaus like Smart Debit.