Why you should never use a Loan to Pay for a Vacation

Get your bad credit unsecured personal vacation loan here: you deserve to spoil yourself with a vacation you can’t afford and there is no utter reason why having bad credit should stop you. You could receive instant approval so while you are tempted be lavish think of all the things you would enjoy doing on your vacation such as jet skiing, para sailing, sight seeing, and shopping. Borrow the money to enjoy those things as well as the loan to pay for the actual vacation, you deserve it.

Are you tempted to take out a loan to pay for your vacation? Just think, in only five years you could well have repaid that $5000 back and it will have only cost you an extra $2000 in interest. You could return and handle the monthly payments and live on the memories for the five years it takes you to repay them. Or you could return to find that you are stuck with loan repayments you can barely afford, the vacation was a disaster, and you have not a thing to show for your money. Taking a loan to pay for a vacation is one of the most foolish financial decisions you can make.

The only time borrowing money makes sense is when it is used to make a positive contribution to your overall wealth. Thus investing in a mortgage makes sense as you are building up equity in a property which will both appreciate in value and serve as your home, saving you rental payments. Borrowing to finance education can often be an investment in your professional future and afford you greater earning power. The only thing you get from borrowing money for a vacation is a sizeable chunk of interest to pay which is nothing but wasted money.

Almost everyone would like a vacation but it makes good fiscal sense to wait until you have saved up to afford one. That way you can enjoy your break and return without worrying about any debt it has amassed. You may feel that you deserve a vacation but unless you can afford to pay for it then you should put it on hold.

The spate of advertising of vacation loans is a worrying trend, especially when targeted at those with bad credit. The implications of the total amount spent don’t seem to sink in when the monthly payment is given rather than the total cost of borrowing. Even more worrying is that apart from a handful of credit unions offering this type of loan, most of the bad credit vacation loan providers have done a wonderful job of hiding the actual APR until the loan application is made.

If you take a loan for your vacation all you are doing is making the next vacation even further out of reach. The money you waste on interest payments could have practically paid for your next vacation. If you are happy to pay a large sum in interest to the lender each month then delay your vacation for a year instead and put the same amount of money in a high interest account so you can save up and pay cash for your vacation. It may well be delaying your vacation but it will cost you a lot less and leave you in a much more stable financial situation for the future.

Ask yourself if you really want to be paying for your vacation three of five years after the event. It simply isn’t worth it and the lenders who are persuading you it is are simply after your money.