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Bandhavgarh Tiger Trust

The Tiger Corridor Protection Program focuses on the area which covers Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (448 and Sanjay National Park (1938 and the vast forested blanket that lies besides them. The first phase of this program includes an unprecedented study to develop an accurate and current understanding of the ecosystem that harbors the tiger population that we intend to preserve.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Trust The Objectives of the Tiger Trust are:
- Education & Research
- Publications
- wareness Generation
- Tiger Habitat Conservation
- Eco-tourism

Activities of Tiger Trust:
Medical Center:
A Medical Center has been developed at Mukki, Kanha, for neighboring communities where a doctor visits once in a week.

Health Education Center:
The patients visiting the clinic are given a program on health and hygiene, balanced way of life and simple home remedies that might cure simple ailments like cold, cough, digestive problems etc.

Medical Plants Nursery:
Tiger Trust has established Medicinal Plants Nurseries at Kanha & Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodges near Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks. Tiger Trust aims encourage the local farmers to grow it on their private lands.

Development of alternate means of energy:
With an goal to reduce the fuel wood dependence we have introduced the bio-gas plants and improved solar cookers in the villages around National Parks.

Bandhavgarh Tiger TrustTraining & Workshops about better Agricultural & Animal Husbandry Practices:
Information, training and support about the better agricultural and animal husbandry practices helps in breaking the age long myths and a change from traditional, present , now -viable practices.

Wildlife Research Center:
Established to study the status of flora and fauna in the parks and strategy to improve the bio-diversity of the area.

Craft & Skill Development Center:
A program has been started to impart certain handicraft skills to local women that would help develop creative instincts and earn a welcome source of additional income.

Nature Conservation Program:
There is a full-fledged campaign on awareness generation where we organize exhibitions, seminars and presentations, competitions and walks.

Bandhavgarh Tiger TrustTiger Habitat Conservation:
Involves neighborhood communities living around tiger reserves and is of great importance. We have associated government agencies like Aanganwadi (Women's welfare department) and Baalwadi (Child Care Center) for awareness campaigns.

Nature Interpretation for Visitors:
The tourists are being informed about the role of tiger in maintaining the ecological balance in a forest.

Nature Guide Training Program:
A nature guide training program has been started for the local youth to help them earn their livelihood through Eco-Tourism.

Nature Interpretation Programs for Local People:
Local people are also taken out for visits to the National Parks for better understanding of concepts of protected areas.

Legal Training Program:
Tiger Trust organizes legal training cum workshops for the forest officials along with police and general administration to help in effective implementation of these laws.

Educational Program:
An education center has been started at Kailash Sankhala Conservation Centre at Kanha to provide guidance and a hope and for the children of underprivileged families. It helps to inculcate respect and responsibility towards the park.

Awards and Scholarships:
Tiger Trust gives awards and scholarships to the people involved in for their outstanding contribution in the field of wildlife conservation.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Trust Publications:
Information is published by the virtue of materials like booklets, newsletters, posters, leaflets and stickers etc. about nature and wildlife.

Mass Awareness:
Extensive efforts aware the masses are being made with the assistance of electronic and print media to bring about focus on Nature Conservation.

Young Conservationists Program:
Tiger Trust has established Tiger Cub Club in schools and colleges to bring about conservation consciousness and active participation of the young force to save our wilderness.

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