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After determining the actual sum received, I will use part of it (a third of the total sum) to set up a trust to provide money for educational purpose for myself. immediate family, relatives and our descendants to time indefinite. Without the trust to halt the outflow of money, even mountains of gold will be used up very soon.

The principle of “pay yourself first” and “take care of your own” take precedence over taking care of the world at large. After all, if a person does not good take care of his own, how can you expect him to take care of persons unknown to him?

I will ensure that the money in the trust is invested equally into index funds and government bonds. I will ensure that all the descendants will receive the money for education till tertiary level and receive a portion of money to buy house on their first marriage. They must work and will not rely on the trust to pay for their living expenses.

I will donate a portion of the money to the schools and universities near my home to improve the facilities, laboratories and provide more scholarships to deserving students. A good education in a good school will help them a long way.

A good education will enable the students in the poor families to get out of poverty. No one should be trap in the cycle of poverty. Education is the only way out of poverty permanently. Giving money may help the poor families for the short term, but education, in particularly a good education, will help them forever.

I will donate a portion of the money to the public services. For example, the police force. I hope that with increase resources, the Police Force can live up to the namesake of a Protector in the community where I live.

Lack of budget for overtime or latest equipments can hamper the impact of the zealous law enforcement officers. I hope a few hundred thousands or a few million dollars can result in a safer living environment for all of us.

I will contact the major supermarket chains to discuss ways to help the shoppers. The assistance may come in the form of free breakfast cereal and apples for all shoppers in a month. No matter how poor a person is, no matter how rich a person is, no matter how old a person is, no matter how young a person is, healthy food benefits all.

Any remaining money is used to buy a nicer house for my family. A small sum of money is set aside to pay for yearly vacation. I do not desire my family to rely on the winnings to survive. Each of us must earn and enjoy the satisfaction of labor.