Working after Retirement Retirement Jobs

Retirement suddenly offers a respite from the discipline of having to go to work, yet it provides an income. For the youthfully minded pensioner sitting around is not a stimulating option. What does a healthy, mentally fit person do?

Without the pressure of finding work with a good income, the retiree has a number of options. What will appeal to them will depend on the amount of commitment that person wants to make; for instance, do they want to take work home or are they content to go to work, do the job and come home with no more responsibilities. 

Many retired men are employed at do it yourself outlets because they have considerable expertise built up over years, patience with customers and are there because they want to be. Employers report excellent results from this scheme. The retiree is not under pressure and this is reflected in their dealing with the public.

Sometimes retired professional people are content to continue to work as advisers or consultants in their normal field. The range here is huge from oil specialists, lawyers, teachers, librarians to zoologists. They love their subject, have a wide knowledge on which they can call and being retired from this sort of work allows them to keep up to date without the pressure of a full time job. 

Other professionals might find they need a complete change of activity. Working for charities where they can offer their expertise of life experience or just a willing brain and hands is one option.  Working in a shopping outlet selling something they like is another. Being involved in a club or group activity which demands time to organize events which is difficult for someone working full time is one way. 

For many retirees this is the time when they can do those activities they always fancied but didn’t get round to doing while they were working. Following an academic course, learning a language or improving one already known, gardening know how or learning to paint.  These activities might remain hobbies but they can lead to employment in these fields or related areas.

For someone with specialist knowledge being a lecturer on a cruise ship offers the opportunity to enjoy their subject and have a holiday at the same time. These subjects can vary from historical information on shore trips on mediterranean cruises to subjects the shipping company thinks will keep passengers amused and entertained, such as craft activities.

The essence of retirement work for the retiree is that it is something they want to do, something they enjoy, something that gives them a return for the effort, whether money or Kudos, and something that keeps their minds and bodies active so they don’t slip into the state which allows the loss of mental faculties.