Working during Retirement

Retirement is supposed to mean that someone stops working. It is usually a moment that is looked forward to for the entire working life of a person. However, when the time actually comes, it is almost like “pulling teeth” to get a person to stop working. There are several financial benefits to working during retirement, even though this isn’t always the motive for a person to continue working. 

1.  Extra money for vacation is a financial benefit to working during retirement.  Sometimes a person neglects to save the proper amount of money during the normal working years, from the age of eighteen until sixty-five. Therefore, the promised vacations and the dream destinations never come to pass. Working during retirement, along with the social security checks will help a person to save enough money to be able to do the things that have been promised or planned.

2.  When someone works during retirement, that person can save for their family.  For example, it may be that a mother is raising her son by herself, and she is not making a lot of money. However, her father wants to help his daughter and grandson, and so he continues working. This may not have been his intended plan, but he enjoys helping his family. Many grandparents want to be responsible for sending their grandchildren to college, and retirement is a tool to help them to do that.

3.  A person that works during retirement often achieves a debt free life so family does not have the burden of paying off bills when that person passes on.  Retirement is not a death sentence by any means, but rather an opportunity to prepare more for that unspoken event. When someone reaches the age of retirement, there is a mental philosophy for many that they may only live another twenty or thirty years, and this becomes an opportunity to leave the family without burdens when they pass on to eternity.

Many people who work during their retirement don’t give the reason why they are working or they do give a reason as a cover up for the real truth behind it. Whatever the case may be, if a person works during retirement, they are benefiting their health, and preventing boredom. The financial benefits are second to the health and enjoyment of working during retirement.