Worthwhile Ways to Spend your Money

What should you do if you find yourself with twenty dollars and no idea what to spend it on? You could spend it on a trip to the nail salon or even go out to see a movie with friends, but is there an even smarter way to utilize your money? 

Enjoying your money on pleasurable things and activities isn’t a bad thing, but what if you decide you want to do something more with it? Perhaps saving your money is a good idea. Ever heard the expression “Maybe I should save it for a rainy day”? One smart idea, would be to put the money away in a savings of checking account for future use. That twenty dollars you want to use now to go out to eat could end up being part of your vacation allowance if you decide to save it for the future.

If putting your money away in a savings or checking account doesn’t sound to thrilling, seeing as how it just sits there for a while, maybe investing your money is right for you. You could place your money into a mutual fund and watch your small but powerful investment grow into something larger. There is also the idea of purchasing an investment in the form of a precious metal such as silver, platinum or gold. These are all smart and fulfilling investment ideas when you have a little extra something you’re unsure about what to do with.

What if, however, you want to use your money now, but don’t want to waste it on fleeting selfish indulgences? You can always use your money to take your kids out on a family outing for some ice cream or perhaps to buy your friend that new dress she’s been wanting for a while, but doesn’t think she has the expenditure to purchase it just yet. Donating your money to a good, competent charity is also a great idea. Buying some clothes or even long lasting food items and donating them is a great way to spend the little bit of money you have left over. A small investment now, can mean a child has some new clothes for school or that a family might just not go hungry for another day. Seeing a child or a family smile because of the way you decided to spend your money is a great thing.

In the end, the smartest way to spend your twenty dollars is the way that makes you feel the best about yourself.