Wrong Verdict in Casey Anthony Case – No

I’m sure all of us remember where we were when we first heard the Amber Alert of a missing 2 year old little girl named Caylee Anthony of Orlando, Florida. For three years we’d tune into news stations like Head Line News (HLN) and see hosts such as Nancy Grace, begging people to help find this little girl. Unfortunately, on December 11, 2008, just months after she went “missing” on July 15, 2008, Caylee’s remains were found 15 houses away from her own home.

The media followed this story extremely closely. It became bigger than the O.J. Simpson trial and was only usurped by the Michael Jackson murder trial. The public knew almost every detail of this case as soon as the media personalities did. It is a pretty safe bet that no fewer than 98% of Americans felt that Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother, had killed her daughter with duct tape at the very least, threw her in 3 plastic bags, stuffed her into a laundry bag and dumped her into the swampy woods near her house. So why did the 12 jurors find her not guilty on every charge, other than 4 counts of lying to law enforcement? That’s about the only thing the jurors got right. The reason for that is BECAUSE so many people already knew so much about the case before it went to trial. It was difficult to find a jury that would be passionate enough about the case, because everyone who really was passionate about it, had already convicted Casey Anthony by public opinion and were not eligible to be on the jury because they’d already reached the verdict they’d likely stick to.

The details of this case were clear as day. Casey never wanted Caylee. She even offered her to a friend when she was pregnant. If a woman with a child has a huge blow out with her own mother, then takes her child away for 31 days the very next day, would that not be enough to raise suspicion? Then add in the facts that Casey lied about having a job for over a year, lied about where she was staying and also was the only one home when suspicious searches were done for “How to make chloroform” on the family computer. Finally, ask yourself this question. The lies and “coincidences” should not have been ignored like the defense team tried to make them irrelevant. It’s what she lied about that should have gotten her convicted of more than just those lies. If your child was “missing” would you go out partying with your friends, while the entire nation search frantically? Would you get a tattoo that says “Bella Vita” before the remains were found?

There is no way this jury reached the correct verdict, when all signs and pieces of evidence point to one person…Casey Anthony. Caylee has been looking down on all of this in disgust. The day the verdict came through, lightning struck the sight at which her remains were found, then later another bolt of lightning struck the jail that held Casey at the time. Coincidence? I think not! Karma will get Casey in the end.