Wrongful Convictions and the Death Penalty

The State of Ohio recently executed Dan Wilson, an inmate convicted of putting a woman into a trunk of a car and setting it on fire. No sane person would say that he did not deserve to be punished for life for such a horrendous crime. Execution is murder. The State that allows executions, is no less guilty than the killer they chose to kill. Murder is murder, no matter who does it. No exceptions. In fact the State commits “PREMEDITATED MURDER.” The far worse kind.

An attorney on television spoke about how the death penalty in Ohio is escalating. He said, that more executions are expected to be done in Ohio, than have occurred in the past. He claimed that an average of one a month is scheduled. He said, that one of the reasons for the increase, is that many death row inmates have been in prison for over 20 years, and have exhausted all their appeals.

There have been “Wrongly Convicted” people on death row, who were exhonerated after 20 years before. Does exhusting appeals automatically prove the person is “guilty?” We have a very corrupt justice system and it is not exaggerated when it is stated that, innocent people are convicted every day of crimes they never committed. We never hear about the thousands of unsolved murders across the country. That means that there are thousands of killers roaming loose and free. So when a prosecutor can find any small connection of the accused to the victim in any way, they want to throw the book at the accused to close the case.

This type of evil goes on every day in our court rooms. One innocent person is too much, to put to death for a crime they never committed. Even Jesus left the flock, to find the one lost sheep. If you were that “one”, wouldn’t you want everything done to help you prove your innocence?

The lawyer on television said, that the Death Penalty is more likely to be given when an accused is put on trial in a city where more “Conservatives” sit on a jury. He stated that he’s seen situations where a person killed 5 or 6 people and got life, in a liberal community, compared to a person accused of committing one murder, or being an accessory to a murder, get the death penalty in a conservative community.

This type of judgment, according to “where” a person is tried, constitutes injustice in itself. How can we as a Nation of Civilized humans justify putting people to death, when we are so aware of how many wrongful convictions are being sealed by our courts? Have we no shame?