Your Rights under Job Based Health Coverage

If you can get health insurance through your employer, do it. Seeking out individual health coverage is a costly and complicated procedure, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a company willing to cover your medical needs. The best thing to do is seek out job covered health care, and know your rights.

– You have the right to information disclosure. This means that you can ask for clarification in types of coverage, or any general questions about insurance and are guaranteed a response. You also have the right to ask for assistance when it comes to making health insurance decisions.

-You have the right to request information regarding your insurance and policy, including enrollment dates, your requirements in the plan, and if those requirements have been met.

-You have the right to confidentiality. The employer cannot request information on your health status and change your position because of it.

-You have the right to question how the system works, and receive an answer. Insurance can be complicated, and the administrator for your company should answer any questions you have, or point you in the direction of someone who can.

-You have the right to opt out of the health insurance program provided by your employer at any time. If you have insurance coverage through your spouse, or if you find a program you prefer, it is your right to leave the company’s policy.

-You have the right to request changes in your policy. In case of divorce or marriage, you should be able to add that person to your insurance plan, depending on the company’s policy.

-You have the right to ask for, and receive, preventive procedures and check ups for issues relating to women’s health, as ordered by law.

-You have the right to receive care from a specialist, if your primary physician cannot treat your condition.

-You have the right to continue health care coverage from your employer, even if you are no longer employed. COBRA allows former employees to stay on the company’s health plan as long as the employee agrees to pay the entire deductible and monthly premium.

-You have the right to seek emergency service if the need arises.

-You have the right to be covered under your employer’s insurance program despite pre-existing conditions. A job based insurance policy cannot (by law) refuse to cover an employee because of a pre-existing condition or lifestyle.

There is a disturbing trend in the US where less and less employers are offering health insurance benefits. It is partly the rising costs associated with insurance, and also the decreasing number of employees who see the benefits. The more employees that are covered, the better rate the company will receive. If less employees are interested in health insurance, the company might decide to terminate the plan. However the companies that do offer insurance to its employees, are likely to have better and healthier workers.

Hopefully the tips above will help you understand your rights under job based health insurance. If you have questions about your policy, make sure to check with the health administrator at your company. They are a valuable source of information.