Zero Cost Ways to Lower your Heating Bill

If you want some tips of zero cost ways of lowering your heating bill then just follow the advice below:

1. Make sure that you cover up any droughts around your window or door frames. This can easily be done with the use of self adhesive drought excluder tape. Find out where the culprit areas are by passing a lit candle around the frames and when it flickers you will know that there is a drought coming in through there. Although drought excluder tape is very cheap, if you really don’t want to spend anything just fill in the gaps with pleated cotton wool!

2, Have showers instead of baths as heating water is probably the most costly part of your electricity bill and showers use up far less heated water than a bath does.

3. If you have the luck to have a fireplace in your home, use it and use if often.  And if you have some storage space or even better a garage, you will save a lot in the long run by ordering a truck load of timber wood at the end of the summer so that you are prepared for when the cold weather arrives.  This stock should last you the whole of the winter.  A gentle fire all evening which continues to ember on into part of the morning will do a lot to warm your home and remove any signs of dampness.

4. Keep your curtains closed at night and if you have winter curtains, which are heavier, then put them up.  These will  help to keep the warmth inside your home.  

5. Have several thick polar blankets for the use of all your family in the sitting room so that they can all dive under them while watching the TV. This will ensure that they all keep nice and warm without the need for raising the heating.

6. Make sure that all your family have thick duvets and polar blankets on their beds, that they wear flannel pyjamas and woollen socks to bed and that half an hour before they go to bed that they place several hot water bottles underneath the sheets. This will mean that when they get into bed they will be greeted by warm comforting sheets and the polar blanket will ensure that no heat is lost.

7. Your family should all wear thermal underwear as that way their bodies will keep warm and they will not feel the need to ask for the heating to be raised.

8. Have a good supply of warm drinks in the kitchen to be had when any member of the family arrives in from the cold. Chicken broth, hot tea, hot cup of chocolate – all of these drinks will be more than welcome to someone who has come in from the freezing cold. It will warm up their insides and they wont feel the need to raise the heating.

There will obviously be some days when it is so bitterly cold outside that despite all these measure you will find that you just have to raise the heating a little.  Well when it get’s that cold there is no alternative, but at least you will only have to do it for a few days rather than the whole of the winter which is sure going to lower the cost of your heating bill!