Zero Cost Ways to Lower your Heating Bill

One of the largest costs that people have to pay in their monthly expenditure, particularly over the winter months, is their heating bill.  This is particularly the case at the moment as heating bills are gradually becoming more and more expensive.  Also, in the current economic climate people are looking at a variety of ways in which they can save money.  Reducing your heating costs is one way of doing this and there are lots of ways to reduce the amount of heat that you use without it costing you a penny.

Use less heating

One of the more obvious ways to use less heating, thus incurring fewer costs, is simply to not have the heating on.  If the weather is becoming colder, but is still bearable, simply wear an extra layer of clothes and put an extra blanket on the bed.

Turn it down

Secondly, once you do have to give in to the cold and turn on the heating; by turning it down just a few degrees from the temperature that you would normally set it can save you a significant amount of money over a period of time. 

Compare prices

Next, compare prices.  You could save money just by switching supplier.  Costs vary not only from one company to another, but from area to area.  It is well worth investigating if you are getting the best deal that is available to you.  Many companies offer additional benefits and incentives for switching over to their company. 

Use the boiler timer

If your boiler has a timer, make sure that you use this facility.  Don’t leave the heating on all day if the house is empty.  Try setting the timer so that the boiler comes on for one hour before you rise in the morning so that the house is nice and warm when you get up.  Set it again to come on an hour before you return from work and for a few hours in the evening.  This will ensure that the house is already warm when you return and will remain so for the rest of the evening.  This should not require you setting the boiler twice everyday; you should be able to set this up so that it happens automatically. 

Shut doors and windows

Keeping all the windows and doors shut will retain heat in your house saving you further costs.  A phenomenal amount of heat and energy is wasted through having the heating turned on, whilst leaving doors and windows open.

Apply for a grant

Finally, it is worth investigating whether you are eligible for a grant to ensure that your home is energy efficient.  In the UK, and many other parts of the world, if you are in receipt of certain benefits, or you have a low income, then it is possible to apply for a grant to have certain work carried out at your home that will save energy and reduce your bills.  These include wall and loft insulation, double glazing, new efficient radiators and boiler upgrades and servicing.  It will cost you nothing to inquire whether you are eligible for any of these grants.


The cost of heating is on the rise and many people are struggling to pay this household bills.  However, there are ways to reduce the cost, such as turning the heating down or off, applying for a grant, using the timer or turning down the thermostat and shutting all doors and windows.